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    We know getting off the ground can be a burdensome task for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. That's why we provide curated legal information, information and access to a network of partners to help startups grow.


    Our services are pro bono⁠—free for everyone.



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  • On the Front Line

    Compass is staffed by volunteer law students. Our Fall 2022 - Winter 2023 caseworkers are:

    Connor Hasegawa (McGill University)
    Marc Polikar (McGill University)

    Evelyn Bartlett (McGill University)

    Ben Brown (McGill University)

    Coura Ndiaye (McGill University)

    Michael Jian (McGill University)

    Katherine Beaulieu (McGill University)

    Gary Preteau (McGill University)

    Florence Jarry (McGill University)

    Jamélie Renaud-Steppan (McGill University)




    Clariza-Isabel Castro

    Executive Director

    Keira Chadwick

    Legal Director

  • Board & Advisors

    Jason Gauthier


    Chair of the Board

    Business Development Manager, Niantic

    Sean Cohen


    Jonah Batist


    Nathaniel Nurse


    Stephanie Fontana


    Gabriel Alves


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